Following is a brief description of several of his successful litigation results:

Strysick v. Durango Georgia Paper Company - Our attorneys represented a client who lost both arms in an industrial incident. Arguing legal theories untested in Georgia, claims were made against the current and former owners of the industrial facility and their insurers, including the workers' compensation carrier, resulting in a multimillion dollar settlement.

Worthington v. US - Our attorneys represented the widow and children of the pilot of a private plane that crashed, killing the pilot and all occupants. David T. Whitworth succeeded in proving that the Federal Aviation Administration had given faulty and misleading information to the pilot, resulting in circumstances which caused him to become spatially disoriented, leading to the crash of the plane. After trial and appeal, the Government settled the suit for a figure in excess of $1,000,000.00, which is believed to be the largest payment ever made by the Government for the death of a pilot under similar circumstances.

Pierce & Moore v. SunTrust, et. al. - In this defensive effort, we were lead counsel for the SunTrust banking entities in this class action involving complex banking and insurance issues. We succeeded in defeating the effort to have a class action certified and the individual claims were settled for nominal sums.

Hamilton v. Allstate - In this action, we represented an individual insured by Allstate against whom a verdict had been returned for three times the amount of her insurance, exposing her to substantial personal liability. We filed suit against Allstate for bad faith and the action ultimately was settled, with the total payout by Allstate, not including its own attorney's fees, equaling seven times the original Allstate policy limit.