If you are an employee in the state of Georgia and you become injured while at work, you are at risk of significant financial loses. You may have large medical bills to pay and will likely lose some wages while you’re recovering from the accident.

Most employers in the state of Georgia have the legal responsibility to provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees to help injured workers stay financially stable and obtain needed medical care. However, obtaining the benefits a worker is due isn’t always an easy task.

If you’re struggling to obtain compensation or medical coverage through workers’ comp, don’t give up! Read more about your rights below.

Why do some injury victims struggle to obtain workers’ comp benefits?

One issue that commonly arises in Georgia workers’ compensation claims is employee misclassification. Under the law, only permanent employees are covered by workers’ compensation coverage. When employers misclassify workers as “independent contractors” in order to try to avoid the legal obligations that come with hiring permanent employees, that can leave injured workers at a loss when they try to obtain benefits.

You may be able to successfully challenge an employer’s assertion that you’re an independent contractor in order to obtain the benefits you are due. While the definition of what makes someone an employee instead of an independent contractor isn’t exactly clear, you’re probably an employee if you have a regular salary, regular hours and your employer provides you with the equipment necessary to carry out your work.

Don’t let your employer or the insurance company deny you the workers’ comp benefits you are due. An attorney may be able to help you assert your rights and protect your future.