Can my insurance company deny my claim?

You always try to go through life by the book. You take out insurance policies as a buffer between you and negative consequences. When something unfortunate occurs, therefore, you have every reason to expect that your insurance company will pay out your claim.

If that fails to occur, what happens next? First, you need to establish why your claim is being denied. An insurance company does have the right to deny their clients’ claims in certain circumstances. For example:

  • You let coverage slip. Did you forget to send in your monthly, quarterly, or yearly premium? This is a common reason for denials of claims.
  • Lack of coverage. Your insurance policy may have an exclusion that leaves them in the clear, e.g., a homeowner’s policy that refuses to pay out a claim of battery by the homeowner due to its being an intentional tort.
  • You made a mistake on the application. Your insurance company might argue that you misrepresented some facts on your application.
  • Errors in your claim. You have certain requirements to meet when giving notice of a claim. Missing a reporting deadline could result in a denial.

Just because your claim for damages initially gets denied does not mean that you have to accept the company’s denial, however. You have a right to appeal the denial. You may be able to present evidence substantiating your side that will reverse the denial and force your insurer to honor your claim for damages.

Brunswick personal injury attorney can work to help you prevail in your fight to get your claim honored.