A teenager in Georgia is heading to jail after getting into a car accident that killed the passenger in her Mini Cooper.

The accident happened in 2018, but the case just got through the courts, and the teen pleaded guilty. According to reports, she was driving the small car at 106 miles per hour and using the smartphone app Snapchat while behind the wheel. She was also apparently involved in a race with another teenager from her school.

The teens were all students over at Community Christian School. They were participating in the traditional “senior skip day” and heading to the mall instead of going to class. On the way there, they began to race, leading to high speeds and reckless behavior.

During this race, the teen apparently lost control of the car and it began to flip and roll off of the road. It only stopped when it smashed into a tree. The damage was bad enough that the 18-year-old passenger was stuck in the vehicle. Emergency crews arrived at the scene and determined that she had passed away.

“I just want to apologize and I do accept full responsibility,” said the teen, who will spend three years in jail and 12 more on probation. “And I really want to express from the bottom of my heart how truly sorry I am.”

When a loved one dies in a tragic accident because of someone else’s careless behavior, it is important for family members to know exactly what legal options they have. They may be able to seek compensation for funeral costs, medical bills and more.