Simply put, driving a car is a risk. Even though you probably feel safe 99% of the time, the reality is that car accidents take tens of thousands of lives annually. You cannot deny that it’s a high-risk activity. It may even be the most dangerous thing you do on a consistent basis.

One way to avoid being involved in a car accident is to understand the risk factors that lead to accidents. Here are some of the top ones:

  • Driving through construction zones
  • Driving at night
  • Driving near animal crossings
  • Encountering drunk drivers
  • Encountering distracted drivers
  • Having maintenance issues, like tire blowouts
  • Hitting potholes and other obstructions
  • Encountering drivers who used drugs
  • Driving around inexperienced teens
  • Hitting someone who makes an illegal turn
  • Encountering a wrong-way driver
  • Having someone tailgate your car
  • Encountering design defects on the road itself
  • Getting hit by someone who ran a red light
  • Encountering a reckless, aggressive driver
  • Driving in dangerous weather, such as wind, rain and fog
  • Encountering a speeding driver

As you can see, many of these risk factors cannot be avoided. You do not get to pick who you share the road with. That’s why driving is so dangerous. It’s not just about the mistakes you might make. Other drivers make dangerous mistakes. Some are in no condition to be behind the wheel because they’re under the influence or tired.

If you do suffer injuries in a crash caused by another driver, you may need to seek financial compensation for your medical costs, lost wages and more. It’s wise to seek experienced legal guidance.