Most workers in Georgia are entitled to workers’ compensation if they suffer damages as a result of being injured at work. However, not all manage to successfully make a claim. This is often because they are not fully aware of their rights to make a workers’ compensation claim, or because they did not take action quickly enough. This is why it is important that you do not delay taking the time to understand your rights as an injured worker in Georgia.

Eye injuries are a common cause of injury at work, especially in the construction and mining industries. However, eye injuries may not be noticed initially and can worsen over time. As soon as you notice that you are having problems with your eye, you should make sure to report this to your employer if you believe that it is related to a work injury.

Common causes of eye injuries in the workplace

Flying debris and malfunctioning machinery can cause immediate injury to the eye. However, other injuries can have a delayed onset. For example, coming into contact with certain chemical fumes can have a severe effect on the eyes, and could lead to a permanent loss of vision. Additionally, radiation exposure can also lead to eye disorders.

Your rights to workers’ compensation benefits

If you have needed to seek medical attention for your eye injury, or if your eye injury caused you to take unpaid leave from work, you will likely be able to make a successful workers’ compensation claim. This means that you will have the total cost of your medical expenses reimbursed, and a portion of your lost wages compensated.

Your rights to Social Security Disability benefits

If you suffer a catastrophic injury such as total blindness, you will likely qualify for Social Security disability benefits. This will help to replace your income in a situation where you cannot work because of your work injury.

If you are suffering from a work-related eye injury in Georgia, it is important that you are able to determine the exact cause. Additionally, you should make sure that you file a claim as soon as possible, and that you empower yourself by understanding your legal rights.