If you have an active job, your body will be subject to the physical stresses and strains associated with the tasks that you carry out. When you work many hours per week on the same tasks, there is not much opportunity for your body to recover, and this is why injuries can occur over time.

In a general context, it has been estimated that 30% to 50% of all injuries due to exercise activity are caused by soft-tissue lesions that lead to muscle injuries. These muscle injuries can last a long time and can be debilitating. This leads to injured workers needing to take significant amounts of time off work in order to recover.

How does the body repair soft-tissue injuries?

Muscles naturally repair themselves, unlike bones, which regenerate. Therefore, when muscle tissue is damaged considerably, it will become inflamed so that the healing process can begin. Scar tissue will be formed within a torn muscle, and over time, the body will eventually recover the muscle to functional capacity.

How can I treat a muscle injury?

If you have suffered a muscle injury, you should make sure that you rest immediately to avoid any further damage. You should apply ice to the area, and compress and elevate the site of injury if possible.

Can I gain compensation for lost wages?

If you need to seek medical attention or take time off work to recover, you will be able to make a workers’ compensation claim to gain back the financial damages that you suffered. Make sure that you take swift action after the injury to ensure you can get the compensation you deserve.