In 2017, the Forest Resources Association (FRA) met to discuss log truck safety. At the time, only five companies were underwriting insurance policies for these types of vehicles. Many who attended this meeting left with a renewed interest in what industry leaders are doing to make these truck operators safer.

At that meeting, wood suppliers, consumers and insurers all highlighted their common interest in devising a plan to achieve a reduction in losses caused by log trucks. They noted that they’d noted that large trucking companies appeared to have better safety track records than smaller ones. They all noted a desire to delve into why that’s the case.

They discussed a recent study that had been published by researchers at Virginia Tech about log truck crash rates. Those statistics showed that there weren’t any fatal crashes involving log trucks on interstates in 2017. They determined that this likely had to do with the fact that weight restriction laws exist on these roadways.

Attendees also discussed how important education was for log truck drivers. They pointed out how truckers who’d successfully completed continuing education coursework in Log Trucking Safety had fewer insurance losses than others. They also highlighted how one commercial driver’s license (CDL) training school had recently developed a new curriculum for log truck drivers.

Insurers expressed delight upon hearing about these training programs. They noted that they’d feel confident extending insurance to a new, inexperienced trucker who’d completed such training. They noted that they’d want them to have a clean driving record and for them to continue receiving mentoring from a veteran log truck operator to consider insuring them though. They noted that they’d assess them higher rates.

Meetings like these should send a message to motorists loud and clear. While truckers undergo additional training beyond what your average motorist does, they’re not immune from making mistakes. Operating a log truck takes specialized expertise that not all CDL programs cover.

Individuals who are involved in crashes with log trucks are often seriously hurt from the impact or because a log falls off the trailer onto their vehicle. Since injuries like these can be costly to treat, it’s important for you to align yourself with an attorney. They can advise you of logging rules and regulations in Georgia and your right to request compensation for your injuries or loved one’s death in Brunswick.