Big rig accidents can be some of the most serious in Georgia, so it’s essential to know what are their common causes. At the start of 2020, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that it will be studying these causes anew in a large-truck crash study, the first one it has conducted since 2003.

Changes in Technology

Between 2009 and 2018, the number of fatal large-truck crashes went up 52.6%. The FMCSA reported 4,415 such accidents in 2018. Numerous studies suggest that this increase is largely due to driver behaviors being influenced by new technology.

Using a cellphone to talk or text are distracting activities that raise the risk for an accident. There are also in-cab navigation systems, fleet management systems and, surprisingly, vehicle safety features. The problem is that many truckers think these features can virtually drive their rig for them. In reality, they are only driver assistance systems.

Preparing for Automated Driving

The FMCSA is aware of the challenges that face the development of fully automated driving systems. These systems may be provided to commercial truck fleets in the near future. For this reason, researchers will strive to produce strategies for avoiding crashes with highly or fully automated vehicles.

Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim

You may have been injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer. In that case, you can see how important it is to know how truck drivers might become negligent behind the wheel. Inattentive, drowsy, drunk and drugged driving are all examples of negligent behavior. If this applies to your situation, you might find it advisable to meet with an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn more about the options for seeking compensation for medical bills and other losses.