Georgia residents may have encountered an angry, aggressive driver on the road more than once. Perhaps they themselves were the angry, aggressive driver. Regardless, everyone should know that road rage is dangerous. One study analyzed the fatal crashes that had occurred over a certain five-year period, and it found that 56% of them involved road rage to some degree.

Drivers can let their anger fly in any number of situations. Perhaps the car in front is driving too slow, or another car takes a parking spot before they do. Long stop lights and heavy traffic can contribute to anger as can a disregard for law and the confidence that one is anonymous and will never be caught.

Tailgating and honking the horn are common forms of aggressive driving. Drivers may intentionally cut off drivers or prevent them from changing lanes. Some drivers may go so far as to ram a vehicle on purpose. If the victimized driver stops, then a face-to-face confrontation may ensue.

Drivers should take care to avoid such incidents. First, they should never rush, tailgate or honk the horn out of frustration. Hand gestures should be positive. If they are on the receiving end of road rage, drivers should gradually slow down and try to exit the highway. They must not reciprocate that anger.

Auto accident injuries sustained at the hands of an angry driver can form the basis for a personal injury claim. Since the guilty party intentionally harmed the victim, the victim may sue not only for compensatory damages, which cover things like medical bills and lost wages, but also for punitive damages, which are meant as punishment. To ensure a fair settlement, victims may wish to retain legal counsel. The lawyer may prepare a case for court if a settlement isn’t achieved.