The mining industry in Georgia, as in other states, faces the danger of fires on a daily basis. The risk is even higher when underground mines have few evacuation routes or poor ventilation systems. Fortunately, the Mine Safety and Health Administration and several manufacturers of personal protective equipment are working hard to produce equipment that can protect workers in the case of fire emergencies.

Employers have a host of new technologies that they can incorporate into the mines they operate. For instance, ventilation on demand can send clean air to those areas where the sensors detect the presence of people and machinery rather than sending it to unoccupied places. This will help get rid of the toxic fumes that are inevitably produced by heavy machinery and conveyor belts.

Besides breathing apparatuses, workers can be equipped with a number of protective devices, including fire-fighting packs and handheld gas detection units. Carroll Technologies, a nationally renowned provider of mining PPE, offers foam packs, multi-gas detection units and self-contained self-rescuers.

Atmospheric monitoring is also essential, and Carroll Technologies offers mine owners a monitoring device that can check all conveyor belt operations. With this, workers can prevent the excess production of dust and the spread of fires as well as equipment breakdowns and worker falls.

Not all accidents can be avoided, but if workers are well-trained and well-equipped, they will likely escape serious injury. If a fire or other adverse event leads to injuries, victims may receive benefits under workers’ compensation law. Filing a claim for those benefits can be complicated, and some victims, if they were to blame for their own injuries, may face opposition from their employer. These are some potential reasons why victims would want legal representation. A lawyer may help with filing and with any appeals.