The fuel company Phillips 66 is facing a lawsuit from the family of a man who allegedly died from benzene exposure. According to the lawsuit, the man was a trucker who hauled fuel across the country from 1985 to 2015. He was regularly exposed to benzene in the fuel, which reportedly caused him to develop blood and bone marrow cancer. He died in March 2016.

The man’s family is suing Phillips 66 for wrongful death as well as several other companies involved in the incident. They claim that the companies failed to warn the man about the dangers, give him safety equipment and place warnings on the fuel. The family is seeking compensation for wrongful death, medical bills and funeral expenses.

Originally, the insurance company Canal Indemnity refused to defend Phillips 66 in court. The insurance company covers Coastal Transport where the man formerly worked as a trucker. The insurer claimed that the suit was not its responsibility because the insurance didn’t cover Philips 66. However, a judge in Texas ruled that Phillips 66 qualifies as an “additional insured” company. As a result, the insurance company must now defend Phillips 66 against the lawsuit.

How can an individual file a wrongful death lawsuit?

If an individual has lost a loved one due to another person’s recklessness or negligence, they might be entitled to compensation to help them deal with the medical, legal and funeral costs. To launch a wrongful death lawsuit, they might wish to hire a personal injury attorney.

An attorney may be able to collect evidence while their client undergoes the grieving process. Once enough evidence has been gathered, an attorney might help them file a lawsuit and represent their client in court so that they can seek compensation.