How Truck Drivers Can Fight Fatigue

With their long hours, the stressful nature of their work, and a lifestyle that does not allow for much exercise, many truck drivers in Georgia and across the U.S. have to wage daily combat with drowsiness. The following are just some of the ways that truckers can make the fight easier or avoid it altogether.

Plenty of sleep and water

It all starts with getting six to eight hours of sleep. If their schedule does not allow for six to eight consecutive hours, then truckers can make up for it with naps. A second element that truckers need a sufficient amount of is water. Water cushions and lubricates the joints regulates body temperature and much more. In all of this, it can cut down on feelings of fatigue.

Healthy food also important

Truck drivers should avoid foods that do not replace the energy their body expends in digesting. That includes donuts, fast-food hamburgers, and sugary foods that only leave one feeling more tired than before. Instead, truckers could eat a chicken or tuna sandwich, English muffins, and bagels. Truckers should limit their caffeine and alcohol intake as well.

In addition, the truck cab can impact truckers’ physical health as the constant jarring and bouncing can lead, in extreme cases, to spinal degradation. An effective seat suspension system could prevent such problems and increase alertness.

When truckers are negligent

When truck accidents are the result of a trucker who neglected to do anything about drowsiness, victims may seek compensation from that trucker’s employer or, if the trucker is an owner-operator, the insurance company. You may still be recovering from your injuries, so it may be wise to have a lawyer help with your case. Legal representation may make negotiations easier, but if a settlement cannot be achieved, you might consider litigation.