The Suffering Caused by Drunk Driving

When Nikki Dock’s phone rang in the middle of the night, she knew it couldn’t be anything good. But she had no idea just how bad it would be. Her son, Albert “Spud” Dock, had been out that night with some friends celebrating their win for their high school basketball team. Spud had been named player of the game for scoring 15 points that night and shot the game-winning basket. Nikki has always been very proud of her son, and not just for his accomplishments on the court. He was a loving, devoted son, with big dreams and always tried to do right.

Returning from a celebration after the game, they were involved in a drunk driving accident. The force of the impact caused Spud’s vehicle to lose control and flip several times, ending up across the highway in a ditch. The at-fault driver, intoxicated at nearly 4 times the legal limit, had been going over 120 miles an hour. Several good samaritans saw what happened, and rushed to aid the boys. Despite the quick actions of Liberty County EMS, Albert “Spud” Dock was unable to be saved due to the severity of his injuries.

Several days after this awful night, Nikki knew she needed help to get to the bottom of what happened rather than waiting on the police to conduct their investigation so she called The Law Office of Brad S. McLelland, PC. Attorney Brad McLelland¬†and his team used their resources to start working immediately to secure everything needed so that Nikki would receive the information she needed. Mr. McLelland’s team learned that this drunk driver had a history of run-ins with the law and had been drinking at two local bars that night.

After extensive investigations, video evidence collection, interviews with witnesses and experts alike, justice was served when a 12-person jury from Liberty County found the impaired driver liable for Spud’s death. In doing so they awarded Nikki a judgment of $50 million plus an award of $16.5 million for her attorney’s fees. While no amount of money will ever be enough, it is clear that the jury understood that Albert “Spud” Dock was a special person who was taken from us all too soon. Nikki hopes this verdict will serve as a warning to others who get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking or using drugs. That one bad decision can cause a lifetime of pain for not only the victims and their families, but also yourself.

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