In A Brain Injury Case, The Attorney You Choose Matters

A brain injury can have devastating effects on both injured individuals and their families. People with brain injuries often experience fatigue, memory loss, personality changes and loss of cognitive function, which, in many cases, require ongoing nursing and medical care. You probably already know this, though. After all, that’s why you’re looking for an attorney. You know you need money to cover the lifelong expenses associated with your loved one’s injury. The real question is, which lawyer should you choose?

You could choose one of the national law firms that advertise on TV all the time. Their commercials are impressive. However, the service you receive is unlikely to be impressive at all. Such personal injury “mills” churn through thousands of cases, focused on settling them as quickly and easily as possible.

On the other hand, you could choose me, attorney Brad McLelland. I will do far more than accept a quick settlement from the insurance company. I will fight to recover maximum compensation for your loved one’s brain injury — and that means taking the case all the way to trial if necessary.

I’m A Former Insurance Defense Attorney Who Has Recovered Millions

At the Law Office of Brad S. McLelland, I have helped those all throughout Southeast Georgia recover compensation for brain injuries sustained as a result of motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, dangerous products and more.

I am a former insurance defense lawyer who knows how those companies think and how to circumvent their tactics. I have recovered millions of dollars for clients during my 20-plus years of practicing law. Let me help you.

Let Me Assist You With Life Care Planning, Too

I assist clients with the life care planning aspect of their injury cases that few other law firms do. This is important, because you need a plan in place to deal with long-term medical care, restructuring of a home, rehabilitation costs, job retraining and more. I will always work closely with you and your loved one, explaining the steps to take during every stage of the case.

Schedule A Consultation To Meet With Me Today

If your loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury at the hands of a negligent or drunk driver, or while working on a Georgia job site, let me use my experience to help you assert your rights. Call my office to arrange a complimentary consultation: 912-342-0820 or send a confidential email. I offer free consultations and contingency fee arrangements. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

My office is located on Cypress Mill Road two doors down from Grandy’s in Brunswick. My office is fully accessible for those with mobility issues. If it is difficult for you to come to my office, I will gladly meet with you in a location of your choice such as a hospital, nursing home or your residence.