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Commercial trucks and drivers, including tractor-trailers, log trucks, delivery vans, 18-wheelers, and more are heavily regulated by state and federal laws, but unfortunately, sometimes drivers fail to adhere to these laws and cause accidents, most of which result in serious injuries. Because drivers aren’t the only parties who can be held liable for damages in a motor vehicle accident involving a commercial truck, determining liability can be especially tricky and it’s often necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer to sort through the details. A Brunswick truck accident attorney can be by your side in an instant when you call after your accident. With more than two decades of experience handling cases, The Law Office of Brad S. McLelland, PC. can be relied on to provide you with clear communication and aggressive advocacy against the negligent parties who caused your injuries. I can ease your suffering by pursuing the financial compensation you deserve.

Contact me online or by phone at (912) 400-0039 for a free consultation. As a smaller firm, I’m able to provide you with personalized service – service you can’t get from a large, busy firm.

We Know Georgia Roads

When you’ve been injured in Brunswick or Georgia, you deserve to be represented by a local lawyer who understands your situation. I know all the roads and highways, including those that pose more dangers for car and commercial truck accidents.

Highways to be aware of include Interstate 95 – a major commercial highway that runs the entire eastern length of the U.S. – as well as Georgia highways like 341, 99, 84, 82, and 17. Many of these highways are used by logging trucks to transport cargo, and these accidents are often severe and result in catastrophic injuries and even death.

Common Types of Negligence

Having handled countless accidents and worked with a variety of clients, I’m able to use my knowledge to help clients whether they’ve suffered a spinal cord injury or have been injured by a drunk driver.

Common types of negligence associated with truck accidents include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Tire blowouts
  • Lack of proper safety reflector markings
  • Lane drifting or changing lanes without signaling
  • Excessive speed
  • Improper maintenance
  • Excessive hours on the road
  • Fatigued driving
  • Wide-angled turns

One of the most common forms of negligence as it relates to truck accidents is fatigued driving. Commercial truck drivers often have to transport cargo over long distances, often overnight, and though they’re required by law to take meal and rest breaks, it’s often not enough to keep drivers alert. Fatigued driving is reckless and can prevent drivers from responding to emergency situations quickly.

Additionally, some commercial truck drivers struggle with substance abuse and are known to drink or take amphetamines to keep themselves alert on long drives. Intoxicated driving can lead to risky behaviors such as speeding, running red lights, and more.

Potential Liable Parties in a Truck Accident

As we mentioned earlier, many truck accidents are not only caused by the driver, but other potential parties who could be liable for the victims’ injuries. I can thoroughly investigate the crash, gather and examine evidence from the scene, and determine which parties are responsible for your losses.

The following are several parties that may be liable for a truck accident:

  • Truck driver – Most truck accidents are caused by the trucker alone, whether it is due to negligent behavior such as distracted driving, speeding, or otherwise violating a traffic law. Truck drivers may also cause a crash by committing a crime, such as drunk or drugged driving. Since truckers must also inspect their vehicles to ensure proper maintenance and secured cargo, they may be partly responsible if a truck accident was caused by a maintenance or cargo issue.

  • Trucking company – Carriers may also be held responsible if they fail to property train their truckers, hire drivers with a poor driving record or criminal record, or hire truckers who are unqualified or do not possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Furthermore, trucking companies may push their drivers to exceed federal hours-of-service (HOS) limits or vehicle weight limits in order to make more money or cut corners when inspecting or maintaining vehicle to save costs.

  • Cargo loader – Shipping and cargo-loading companies are responsible for ensuring the cargo is properly inspected, contained, sealed, loaded, and secured to the vehicle to ensure the contents do not fall or spill during transit, or cause the truck itself to tip over due to improper weight distribution.

  • Manufacturer – Truck manufacturers and part makers may be held liable for a truck accident caused by a defective or failing vehicle component. Common examples include brake failure, tire blowout, transmission failure, defective or malfunctioning steering wheel, broken or defective hitches, of even defective or inadequate vehicle lighting.

Since more parties could be potentially involved in a truck accident case compared to a non-commercial car accident, these cases can be more complex and time-consuming. My legal team will maximize the compensation each liable party is responsible for to ensure you make the best possible recovery from your injuries.

It can be confusing to understand the ins-and-outs of the paperwork that is used to resolve legal matters. Luckily, the Georgia Public Safety Training Center has developed an instruction manual to serve as the primary guidance for completing the most recent approved crash report. For example, when submitting a crash report, it is recommended to follow these guidelines:

  • The overlay does not need to be submitted to the Department of Transportation.
  • Submit the original crash report within three business days to the Department of Transportation.
  • The report can be typed, computer-generated or hand-written in ink. Print if you use an ink pen.
  • Any time a code is used for other, it must be explained in the Narrative section.
  • Keep in mind that the department is scanning all paper reports for accuracy, completeness, and legibility. You and the department will have a record that can be used in civil or criminal proceedings weeks, months, or even years later. Lastly, images of paper reports are retained by the GDOT for ten years as per Retention Policy.

If you need help navigating this paperwork and other steps of this process, and want to work with a team that will advocate for your needs, The Law Office of Brad S. McLelland, PC will be a trusted asset. Our help will allow you to spend less time worrying and more time moving forward with your life.

Allow my team to pursue justice on your behalf today – call me at (912) 400-0039 so I can get started on your case.

How I Can Help You

Because of their size and weight, trucks are known to cause catastrophic injuries, or injuries that are so severe that they cause permanent or long-term damage. These injuries can include burns, amputations, spinal cord and neck injuries that lead to paralysis, and head and brain injuries.

The more serious the injury, the more expensive it can be to treat it, which is why injuries after truck accidents can cost thousands of dollars to recover from. Most people aren’t prepared to be injured in a motor vehicle accident and put out of work. I’ve recovered millions of dollars and know how to support your claim so the negligent truck driver or their company is held responsible.

Through my advocacy, I can recover the following damages:

  • Medical bills, including costs of hospital stays, medications, surgeries, and physical therapy
  • Lost wages or future earning capacity from missing or having to quit work
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

You shouldn’t have to worry about a legal case when you’re dealing with the pain and trauma from your injuries. I can get to work for you while you focus on healing at home or in the hospital.

  • Auto Accident - Liberty County $66,500,000
  • Auto Accident - Chatham County $1,500,000
  • Auto Accident - Glynn County $1,200,000
  • Electrocution - Jeff Davis County $1,160,000
  • Dog Bite - Camden County $1,000,000
  • Wrongful Death - Glynn County $675,000
  • Auto Accident - Jeff Davis County $450,000
  • Wrongful Death - Glynn County $450,000
  • Auto Accident - Brantley County $380,000
  • Workers’ Compensation - Brantley County $290,000

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