Hear It From Our Clients

  • All of their great reviews are true!

    All of their great reviews are true, Brad and Jessie really do take care of the people that come to them for help. They are so kind, compassionate, and very prompt with their responses when you need to contact them. I highly recommend this office!

    - Natalie S.

  • I would recommend him to anyone.

    Brad was very professional and nice and very friendly. He took our small case and we didn’t think we would get much. He got us more then what we thought. I would recommend him to anyone. The people he has working for him are very nice and took care of everything. We will use Brad again!! Awesome law firm. Thank you!!

    - Ang H.

  • I now have hope!
    My case; a slip & fall...I recently had to dismiss my previous lawyer's 'Farah & Farah' due to lack of Professionalism, Quality Performance, Research & Honesty. I was strung along with promises from this agency stating that they will work hard for me in this unfortunate incident. Farah & Farah led me on for a whole year just to tell me they could no longer help me. They claim that you don't have to pay yet you will end up having an enormous Doctor's Bill which you will surprisingly are expected to payback! And I mean thousands & thousands of dollars remaining still in severe pain from your injuries. I would suggest to everyone in America to NOT HIRE FARAH & FARAH!!!

    With that being said, I decided to call Mr. Brad McLelland and Associates Lawyer Firm in Brunswick, GA. He and his Legal have been forthright with Straightforwardness, He explained all the Pros & Cons to me and with all my paperwork decided to take my case. I now have a sense of relief even if things don't turn out in my favor. My calls are received and if missed, Mr. Brad &/Or Legal Team have always called me back.
    So if you have an Incident and need a lawyer on your team, please, spend your time with Brad McLelland & Legal Team!!! They will not String You Along and will actually do the Leg-Work to Win your case!!! Thank You, Brad McLelland & Associates, of Brunswick, GA.! I now have hope.

    - Ladii B.

  • They have been amazing!

    I hired Brad over a month ago to handle my workers' comp claim. I'd been doing it on my own for a year. Once the insurance company started delaying treatment and my injury became worse every day I went to Google to find a local attorney. After reading so many positive reviews I met with Brad and his Paralegal Jessie. I immediately felt a burden lift knowing I finally had someone on my side. So far they have been amazing and I know they will continue to be until the end!

    - Beth W.

  • I felt like family and that I could trust them with my life.

    In my experience, Brad, Jess, and Britt at McClelland law group are rated 11 on a 1-10 scale 10 being the best. They absolutely did everything in their power to make me comfortable and help resolve my case as promptly as possible. I highly recommend them and will use them with any legal matters I may incur. I can't thank them enough for the fine professional job they did for me. I felt like family and that I could trust them with my life.

    - Fannin B.

  • Got me full compensation.
    In June of 2019, I was involved in an automobile accident through no fault of my own. I suffered broken ribs and knee injuries as a result and had knee surgery on one knee. I didn't think I needed an attorney, but one month later the other party's insurance was asking for payment for their automobile as if I was at fault. Then I contacted Mr. McLelland and he proceeded to get full compensation for all expenses incurred as well as a check for me. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an auto accident, I strongly recommend Brad McLelland as a most efficient attorney.

    - Sally M.

  • I couldn’t recommend them enough!
    I was involved in a motor vehicle accident almost a month ago. I was advised to hire an attorney to represent me. I quickly hired a well known “TV” attorney who made me meet them halfway, while I didn’t have a car to sign paperwork to make sure they received their percentage. Two weeks passed and my insurance had no idea I was involved in an accident. I had to file my own claim. I would call to speak to my case manager and would have to leave a voicemail every time. I was recommended to the Law Office of Brad McLelland. I explained everything that was going on, the receptionist offered to drive to my home an hour away from the office for me to sign my paperwork. Paralegal Jessie Williams saw me on her off day and answered all my questions. She did more in the two days of knowing me than my well-known attorney did in two weeks! I am so thankful I was recommended to them! They’re here to help me in any way! I couldn’t recommend them enough!

    - Diamond O.

  • Brad and his team make a great atmosphere.
    My family has used Brad and his staff for 8 years in different cases different family members and each of us always treated the same always professional.. Very good people. Car accident, they do amazing work. Thank you guys for everything... Brad and his team make a great atmosphere

    - Christina T.

  • Highly Recommend!

    I have had the need to retain a law firm twice in the last 15+ years. Each time involved personal injury to me, or a family member, due to automobile accidents caused by someone else. Both times I have sought the help of Brad McLelland’s law firm and each time they have completely managed the incidents to my total satisfaction. Both Brad, and his paralegal, Jessie, have wonderful people skills and explain everything in easy to understand terms so that you know exactly what to expect throughout the entire process. Brad is very straightforward in his explanations and she is wonderful about staying on top of your case. Based on my own personal experiences, I can recommend this law firm with total confidence to anyone seeking legal representation

    - Julia R.

  • I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.
    I am very pleased About the services I’ve received. The firm has a very outgoing and hardworking staff. I felt as though my case was handled as if it were their own situation. I just wanted to take a moment to show appreciation. I Wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

    - Keenan C.

  • People are treated like people.
    Brad is the lawyer for a personal injury case for my family. He and his staff have gone above and beyond to help with everything from finding good doctors to dealing with insurance adjusters. I love the family feel of the firm. It's a smaller firm which we love because they get to know their clients and really care about each individual. People are treated like people, not a case number. Each time you call, you get the same people to talk to which makes things so much less stressful. No wasting time and energy talking to some random person that knows nothing about you or your case. I highly recommend them to anyone who has been injured.

    - Joy F.

  • Everyone in the office has been caring and helpful.
    This was our first experience needing a lawyer and we have not been disappointed. Everyone in the office has been caring and helpful. Mr. McLelland and Jessie worked diligently with my insurance company, holding them responsible for our claims. They have been forthright with any requested information and we are very appreciative.

    - Stephanie S.

  • Brad and his staff were very pleasant to work with.
    Brad and his staff were very pleasant to work with. Initially, I was worried that I was going to get stuck with a lot of medical bills but Brad reassured me through meetings and constant communication that I wouldn't be. His friendly and knowledgeable staff was always there to answers any questions and concerns my family and I had. My settlement was more than I anticipated and I am medical bill free. I cannot thank or recommend the Law Office of Brad S. McLelland enough.

    - Katie M.

  • They are really great!
    This would be the second case that I used Brad McClelland's office. They are really great at what they do and will fight to get you every penny that you deserve. They never leave you hanging with any questions, and are always quick to respond to emails and callbacks. They are a great team of people who are very down to earth and make you like family. Jessie is very nice and attentive and will answer any questions that you have and help you in any way that she can as well as Britney.... highly recommend.

    - Montana A.

  • Received the best settlement possible!

    After a terrible automobile wreck, Brad and his staff were absolutely amazing! I can't say enough wonderful things about Jessie, Julie, and of course, Brad! Brad worked tirelessly to not only help direct me to the medical professionals that were so helpful but also were very nuanced and delicate with all of his negotiations to help me receive the best settlement possible. If you are in need of a lawyer who is professional, courteous, firm, and a masterful negotiator, then Brad is your man! I am most appreciative of his help. I highly recommend Brad and his entire staff.

    - Jim S.

  • They go above & beyond for you.
    We hired Brad and his team after my wife was injured. The other party and their insurance adjuster were very rude to her and were trying to get her to sign papers and threatening her that she wouldn’t have any rights to medical expenses if she didn’t sign so we decided to look into hiring a lawyer to help. We met with another lawyer in town but were told negligence would be hard to prove and they didn’t take our case. We believe it was because they didn’t think it was going to be a big enough payout. My wife went and met with Brad after a friend recommended him. He sent his assistant out to investigate where she was injured and they found plenty of evidence of negligence on the business owner’s part. We appreciated how much they cared and wanted to help her get the medical care she needed even if they didn’t think it was going to be a big payout. We are so glad we hired him because her injuries ended up being a lot worse than we had originally thought and has really impacted her life. Them being more concerned about her than the money is actually going to work out for them because it is turning into a lot bigger case than we thought. The staff is always very friendly and goes above and beyond to fight for us. We highly recommend them to anyone needing a little help to push those insurance adjusters to do the right thing!

    - Mike R.

  • No words will ever be able to describe how grateful I am.

    I never had an attorney or staff that made me feel as safe or protected, as they do at Brad McClelland's office. They keep you constantly up-to-date, they are very welcoming and comforting in the office - no matter the situation. They work hard, and fight harder - and they're far more fast and efficient than anyone else I know. Another attorney told me it could take years, Brad McClelland and Jessie Deluca had my case in, out, and resolved in a matter of 3 months. They're worth everything, and no words will ever be able to describe how grateful I am that they are there. I will always recommend them and use them any time needed. Other attorneys have always made me feel like a client - the way they work here at this law firm, they make you feel like family that will fight for you, no matter what

    - Jon M.

  • Thank you!
    I can honestly say that I am incredibly happy that we chose to get help from Brad and his team. They are extremely professional and really know what they are doing. They respond quickly and always make my wife and I feel like family. They are also some of the kindest and most compassionate people we have met. My wife had to contact Jessie after our settlement for some help regarding our case and Jessie went above and beyond to help my wife out and answer her questions. If you are looking for an excellent attorney and team, please choose Brad and his team.

    - Evan S.

  • They really care and it shows.

    Brad and his team have been amazing throughout the whole process of my injury case. Being injured has changed my life more than I could’ve ever imagined and I’m so thankful to have them on my side. They have been extremely patient with me and always are happy to answer my questions and take the time to explain everything so I understand. They really care and it shows. Brad, Jessie, and Rhonda have all gone above and beyond, I highly recommend them!

    - B R.

  • I appreciate you and your firm so much.
    Mr. Brad McLelland I just want too thank you and your staff for all of your work in helping me through my case it is so appreciated and your supreme professionalism of you and your support staff. I can not express my feelings in words it is so much more than just about the money. You have to help me healed from all that has happened to me. And Ms. Julie Frey thank you for the countless phone calls in checking up on me and still to continue offering me help if I'm in need thank you. Five stars are not enough. You are one of the best and not only that but also incredibly reasonable in your fees.
    I appreciate you and your firm so much.

    - Connie C.