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Finding Closure After A Fatal Work Accident

No amount of money can ever make up for the loss of a family member. I fully understand that. And in fact, filing a claim isn’t really about money at all. It’s about justice. It’s about closure. It’s about paying for the practical expenses so that you can focus on emotional healing instead of a pile of bills. A workers’ compensation claim can’t erase your pain, but it can at least provide you with the resources you and your dependents need to pay the health care expenses and funeral costs and offer some measure of financial stability.

I am attorney Brad McLelland, and I’m here to provide the empathetic and experienced help you need during this traumatic time. If you want to talk right now, go ahead and give my Brunswick office a call at 912-342-0820. However, if you’re not at a point to do that yet, it’s all right. I’ll be here for you when you’re ready and am glad to communicate by email.

Construction Sites Are Infamous For Fatal Accidents

I have assisted families who have lost loved ones in a wide variety of Georgia construction site accidents involving:

  • Falls off roofs or ledges
  • Ladders and scaffolding
  • Falling objects
  • Construction site debris
  • Crane and forklifts
  • Heavy equipment or machinery
  • Explosions
  • Collapsing trenches
  • Electrical burns and electrocutions
  • OSHA violations

Motor Vehicles Are Another Common Cause Of Workplace Fatalities

Injuries caused by a motor vehicle may also qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. If your loved one was traveling for work-related reasons or driving a vehicle on the job, you may be eligible for death benefits. There are also some exceptions that allow injured claimants traveling to and from work to claim workers’ compensation benefits.

Claims involving car accidents require a thorough investigation of the facts in order to secure benefits. I will perform accident scene inspections, talk with witnesses and retain accident reconstruction experts if required. As a former insurance defense lawyer, I know how to deal with insurance adjusters to get a fair settlement for your loss.

It’s Possible That You May Deserve More Than Just Death Benefits

Was a third party (someone other than their employer or co-worker) responsible for your loved one’s death? If so, you may have a wrongful death/personal injury case in addition to a workers’ compensation case. This means you could potentially be eligible to recover much more than just death benefits. You may be able to recover extra money — money to cover your family’s emotional distress and other damages not covered under a typical workers’ compensation claim. Here are just a few examples of third-party claims:

  • Your loved one was working on a construction site when he was run over by a forklift operator from a different company.
  • Your loved one was driving on company business when she was hit by a negligent driver.
  • Your loved one was killed by a tool or machine that was defective or poorly designed.
  • Your loved one was killed by an employee of a different company or a subcontractor who was also working on the job site.

Get The Compassionate Guidance You Need

The system is complex and can be difficult to understand. I am available to guide you through the process. Let me help you so you can focus on your family during this difficult time. Call the Law Office of Brad S. McLelland at 912-342-0820 today to schedule a free consultation with me. If you have questions, you can contact me anytime.